Lady Entropy - Framed (70cm x 86cm)

Lady Entropy - Framed (70cm x 86cm)

An original mixed media, oil painting on heavy archival paper that comes finished with a black frame, acid-free matte board and glass front. All that's left is its forever home and a wall to hang on.

Original artwork measures 44cm x 60cm.

Framed piece measures 70cm x 86cm.


This piece is inspired by the phenomenon of ‘pareidolia’, a term that describes the experience of seeing meaning in an object, pattern or shape when there is none. 


The woman's face appeared in the mixed media markings in Amanda's underpainting - and then her power couldn't be unseen. Oil paint secured the woman's presence and the rest effortlessly fell into place.


"It's nice seeing things in a new light and letting your imagination take you somewhere else."
Amanda Mahony
"I like the disorder and chaos. It helps me see my life in a new light. And then I find things often fall into place." 

Lady Entropy, 2019


Winner of the Highly Commended prize at the Rotary Art Show, Paradise Point, QLD 2020.


Please note, colours may vary on different screens.