Virtual Painting Masterclass

A unique 'paint and sip' experience created just for your group.

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'Paint and Sip' Experience

Don't overthink it! No judgement. Lots of support and fun.

Amanda's painting masterclass workshops deliver joy and a sense of accomplishment. During our 2 hour 15 minute private session together, you will learn how to take a concept and make it your own. You will be amazed at how this mindful experience will elevate your painting and drawing skills (even if you have no experience) through step-by-step instructions and individual attention so you can feel supported. You will leave feeling proud to show off your work to your friends and family. Share the fun and bring your friends, family or partner together to paint and party in a safe, creative space.


  • $150 artist fee (split between up to 15 people)

  • Additional $65 per person per acrylic art pack + shipping


  • Zoom (due to the current Sydney lockdown)


The acrylic art pack includes:

  • One canvas or paper

  • Brushes to paint the chosen subject matter (you choose the subject!)

  • Pencils for sketching

  • Acrylic paint set

  • Paint palette

  • Easel (depending on availability)

  • Step-by-step guide of the chosen subject matter

Painting Masterclass

$65 per person per art pack (includes shipping) plus $150 for a 2 hr 15 min private masterclass with Sydney artist Amanda Mahony

Amanda is an amazing, patient and kind art teacher, she taught me so much about the basics of art in just one session. I had taken a mental health day from work and decided to give painting a go. I had never painted before this class, and was convinced I couldn't draw anything apart from stick figures.

For my first painting, we chose to do a portrait. With Amanda's guidance at every step of the artwork creation, we were able to create a piece of art that I could never imagined I could do. The artwork turned out so well that it is now being sent to NYC!

Belinda, NSW


I had never painted before and was excited to try something new. It was an incredibly rewarding experience transforming a blank canvas into a beautiful 50s style painting. I showcased it on my Instagram and I had a friend enquire whether I was selling it! I highly recommend the class. Amanda is patient and skilled at guiding participants through the process. I will definitely be signing up to another class!

Kat, NSW